It is important that you and all members of the travelling party are aware of the following important terms & conditions as they may relate all or in part to the bookings held by our office on your behalf. If you are making bookings on behalf of a couple or group of people you should ensure they are aware of these terms & conditions.

Booking procedure

To make a booking with CruiseMart you must be at least eighteen years old and agree to all the terms and conditions as advised in this document. In order to secure a booking you must complete a booking form and pay a deposit as advised. The person completing the booking form warrants that he/she has authority to accept the passage ticket conditions on behalf of all persons named on the booking form.
You should carefully read all the terms and conditions specific to the product you are booking before finalising your travel transaction.Acknowledgement of your booking request will be sent via e-mail or telephone call within 24 hours of your request being received. A deposit must be received within 3 working days to confirm a booking. The booking will be automatically cancelled if no deposit is received within this time.

Booking Conditions

Reservations are subject to the terms, conditions and requirements of carriers, hoteliers and other service providers. We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule departures or itineraries if necessary. Where it is necessary, CruiseMart may also substitute suppliers with others of at least a similar standard.

Fares & Prices

The booking form within this site is a request only. CruiseMart does not guarantee fares or prices until the booking has been confirmed in writing by one of our consultants, and full payment has been received. Schedules and availability, fare conditions and prices can change at any time. Routing restrictions and other special conditions may apply. Deposits merely hold the reservations and do not guarantee prices.

Accuracy of Information and limitations of liability

CruiseMart does not endorse or recommend any particular travel service provider. CruiseMart and its third party suppliers have taken reasonable care that the content of this web site, including all travel information and listings is correct but is subject to amendment at any time without notice. CruiseMart publishes such information in good faith and if in doubt you should check with a representative of CruiseMart to ensure any information displayed is correct at the time of booking. As user you acknowledge and accept that: CruiseMart accepts no responsibility or liability for any failure or delay on the part of any third party in providing travel services to you where your booking has been properly processed by it; nor is CruiseMart responsible for any acts or omissions of airlines or other third parties in the course of delivery of such travel services. Under no circumstances will CruiseMart be liable for direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages including but not limited to lost profits or savings or damages for disappointment.

Payment Options

All prices are based on payment by cash, direct deposit or cheque. Cheques will not be accepted for travel within 7 working days of travel. Credit card payments may also be accepted however a transaction fee will apply of 1.25% for Visa and Mastercard, and 2.5% for American Express.

Cancellation fees

Cancellations must be made in writing and all tickets issued must be returned together with the notice of cancellation. Travel service suppliers may charge cancellation and/or amendment fees. If you cancel or amend a booking these charges are your responsibility. In addition to those imposed by travel service providers a charge of $100 per person is payable to CruiseMart for any cancellation prior to receiving full payment. After full payment has been received a cancellation will incur a fee of 10% of the total booking.

Amendment Fees

Where amendment of a booking is permitted by the travel supplier, a charge of up to $100 per person is payable to CruiseMart for each permitted amendment, plus the individual suppliers fee.

Travel Documentation

Passport, Visa and Health requirements are the responsibility of individual travellers. Passports are required for all travellers departing Australia. Permanent residents travelling on a foreign passport must hold an Australian Re-entry Visa. Many countries require that foreign nationals entering hold a passport with at least six months validity. The final responsibility for ensuring documentation is correct is that of the individual traveller. Any fines, penalties, payments or expenditures incurred as a result of such documents not meeting the requirements of those authorities will be your sole responsibility. CruiseMart will not be held responsible for tickets lost by a third party, such as Australia Post. Any charges associated with reissue and resending of documentation will be a client expense.

Travel Insurance

When purchasing travel insurance, refer to the Product Disclosure Statement to consider whether the policy meets your requirements for your journey

Taxes Imposed

A large number of Airport, Departure & Security Taxes are imposed by various countries, states and towns around the world and in Australia. Where applicable these have been included in the cost of the airline ticket and are shown in the relevant tax boxes. There may be some variations in final costs depending on exchange rate fluctuation and the number of taxes imposed at time of ticketing. Any additional costs or taxes that occur will be required to be paid.


Passports are required for all international travel. Passports must have a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of scheduled return to Australia. Travel documents and airline tickets must exactly match the name and spelling as appears in the passport. Additionally, for security reasons some airlines may require all details as they appear in the passport prior to ticketing. Please ensure that you advise your consultant of the correct details at the time of booking. We will need to sight your passport before any documents can be released and we will not be liable for any incorrect information given to us nor for any re-issue fees imposed by the airline or tour wholesaler should re-issue of documentation be required. If travelling on any passport other than Australian you must inform us immediately as it may be necessary to obtain a Re-Entry Visa into Australia or visas for other countries.

Whilst we offer full assistance it is the responsibility of each traveller to ensure that they have full and correct documentation to undertake their journey.

Visa Requirements

Australian Passport holders require visas to enter some countries. Some countries allow for a “visa free” stay for tourism purposes. If you are travelling on business this does not always apply. Also, if you or a member of your travelling party have a criminal offense entry may be denied. Please speak with your travel consultant about this.

Some consulates charge visa fees and we reserve the right to charge a service fee to cover courier fees and the like should we obtain this documentation on your behalf. Issuance of visas is not the responsibility of your travel agent and we cannot be held responsible should you be unable to obtain the correct visas to undertake your journey.

Frequent Flyer Programs

Many airlines offer Frequent Flyer Reward Programs – if you are not a member of any of these programs we are happy to discuss your options and of course the benefits with you. Similarly, if you are a member of any Frequent Flyer program please ensure that your consultant is aware of this immediately so that the necessary steps can be taken to ensure that you earn the rewards. As a safeguard it is also advisable to keep all your boarding passes so that you can verify this against your Points Summary after travel has been completed.

Dept.of Foreign Affairs & Trade Warnings

For reasons of political unrest, acts of war or terrorism or natural disasters in certain parts of the world the Australian Government in conjunction with various other worldwide bodies may decide to issue a Government Advisory warning to Australian passport holders not to travel to that country. In these instances whilst travel to some countries is not advisable and some clauses of the travel insurance coverage may not be affective we appreciate that some clients may still need to travel to those areas. Whilst we are prepared to make these bookings on our clients’ behalf we do so without responsibility or liability.

Should you wish to check with the Department of Foreign Affairs their website address is: There is also another service provided to Australian travellers where you are able to register your personal details i.e passport numbers, contact details in Australia and the countries you will be visiting. These details are automatically passed on to the relevant Embassies of the countries you will be visiting. Simply register via the website: to utilise this service.

Third Party Suppliers

As a licensed travel agent, act only as an agent for services supplied on behalf of third parties such as airlines, cruise lines or hotel operators. Each supplier operates under their own terms and conditions. By booking services with a supplier you are subject to their own terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure you are familiar with these terms. If you require further information about third party supplier’s terms and conditions please ask us.

Privacy statement

Your contact information will be required by third party suppliers to accept and confirm a booking. Privacy law safeguards your personal details. In no other circumstances will this information be shared with a third party. Your information may be used by CruiseMart for the purpose of relaying travel related information to you.

Limitations of Liability

CruiseMart shall be responsible to the passenger for supplying holiday arrangements described throughout this website. Holiday arrangements include but are not limited to accommodation, flights, cruises, tours and transfers. These services are provided by reputable suppliers on their own conditions. Therefore it should be noted all bookings with CruiseMart are subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by the supplier. We accept no responsibility if you, the passenger, is refused entry to the intended country/countries visited. We will not be responsible for any expenses, costs, liabilities or loss in relation to such. We do not guarantee any specific flight schedule and do not accept liability for lack of adequate connections, delays or airline schedule changes. By making a booking with CruiseMart you accept these terms and conditions.

Complaints Handling Policy and Procedures

1. Objective of the policy

As a responsible travel agent we seek to maintain and enhance our reputation of providing you with high quality products and services.We are committed to being responsive to the needs and concerns of our customers or potential customers and to resolving your complaint as quickly as possible.

This policy has been designed to provide guidance to both our customers and staff on the manner in which we receive and manage your complaint. We are committed to being consistent, fair and impartial when handling your complaint.

The objective of this policy is to ensure:

• You are aware of our complaint lodgement and handling processes,
• Both you and our staff understand our complaints handling process,
• Your complaint is investigated impartially with a balanced view of all information and evidence,
• We take reasonable steps to actively protect your personal information
• Your complaint is considered on its merits taking into account individual circumstances and needs.

2. Definition of a complaint

In this policy a complaint means an expression of dissatisfaction by a customer relating to a travel service provided by us.

3. How a complaint can be made

If you are dissatisfied with a travel service provided by us, you should in the first instance consider speaking directly with the staff member/s you have been dealing with. If you are uncomfortable with this or consider the relevant staff member is unable to address your concerns you can lodge a complaint with us in one of the following ways:

• By completing a feedback form on our website,

• By telephoning us,

• By writing to us,

• By emailing us,

• In person by speaking to any of our customer service staff.

If we receive your complaint verbally and we consider it appropriate, we may ask you to put your complaint in writing.
Our complaints handling process is free of charge.

4. The information you will need to tell us

When we are investigating your complaint we will be relying on information provided by you and information we may already be holding. We may need to contact you to clarify details or request additional information where necessary. To help us investigate your complaint quickly and efficiently we will ask you for the following information:

• Your name and contact details,

• The name of the person you have been dealing with about your travel service,

• The nature of the complaint,

• Details of any steps you have already taken to resolve the compliant,

• Details of conversations you may have had with us that may be relevant to your complaint,

• Copies of any documentation which supports your complaint.

5. Help when making a complaint
The person receiving or managing your complaint should provide you with any assistance you may need to make your complaint. However if you consider you need further assistance please inform us of this at the time you are lodging your complaint.

6. Recording complaints

When taking a complaint, we will record your name and contact details. We will also record all details of your complaint including the facts and the cause/s of your complaint, the outcome and any actions taken following the investigation of your complaint. We will also record all dates and times relating to actions taken to resolve the complaint and communications between us.

As part of our on-going improvement plan, complaints will be monitored for any identifying trends by management and rectification/remedial action taken to mitigate any identified issues.

If you lodge a complaint we will record your personal information solely for the purposes of addressing your complaint. Your personal details will actively be protected from disclosure, unless you expressly consent to its disclosure.

Where a third party travel supplier such as a tour operator, was involved in your travel services, we may be required to speak with them to fully investigate your complaint.

7. Feedback to customers

We are committed to resolving your issues at the first point of contact, however, this will not be possible in all circumstances, in which case a more formal complaints process will be followed.

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three (3) business days, and keep you informed of the progress of your complaint throughout our complaint resolution process.

We are committed to resolving your complaint within 10 business days of you lodging your complaint, however, this may not always be possible on every occasion. Where we have been unable to resolve your complaint within 10 business days, we will inform you of the reason for the delay and specify a date when we will be in a position to
finalise your complaint.

During the investigation of your complaint we may need to seek further clarification or documentation from you to assist us in resolving your complaint.

If we have sought clarification or documentation from you and we are waiting on you to provide this information, we may not be able to meet our 10 business day finalisation commitment. In such circumstances upon receipt of your clarification or documentation we will indicate to you when we expect to finalise your complaint.

Once we have finalised your complaint, we will advise you of our findings and any action we have taken. We will do this in writing, unless it has been mutually agreed that we can provide it to you verbally.You have the right to make enquiries about the current status of your complaint at any time by contacting us.

8. Our six point complaint process

• We acknowledge – within three business days of receiving your complaint we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint.

• We review – we undertake an initial review of your complaint and determine what if any additional information or documentation may be required to complete an
investigation. We may need to contact you to clarify details or request additional information where necessary.

• We investigate – within 10 business days of receiving your complaint we will investigate your complaint objectively and impartially, by considering the
information you have provided us, our actions in relation to your dealings with us and any other information that could assist us in investigating your complaint.

• We respond – Following our investigation we will notify you of our findings and any actions we may have taken in regards to your complaint.

• We take action – where appropriate we amend our business practices or policies.

• We record – we will record your complaint for continuous improvement process and monitoring through regular review, your personal information will be recorded
in accordance with relevant privacy legislation.

9. When you complain about one of our employees

If you complain about a member of our staff, we will treat your complaint confidentially, impartially and equally (giving equal treatment to all people). We will investigate your complaint thoroughly by finding out the relevant facts, speaking with the relevant people and verifying explanations where possible.

We will also treat our staff member objectively by:

• informing them of any complaint about their performance,

• providing them with an opportunity to explain the circumstances,

• providing them with appropriate support,

• Updating them on the complaint investigation and the result.

10. Complaints under investigation by a regulator or law enforcement agency

If your complaint is currently being investigated by a relevant federal, state or territory consumer protection regulator or law enforcement agency we may cease to take further action in relation to your complaint pending finalisation of their investigation.

We will assist any agency with their investigations.

11. Our complaint escalation process

Where possible, we will attempt to resolve your complaint at the first point of contact. If we are unable to resolve your complaint at the first point of contact, we will undertake an investigation of your complaint and provide you with our findings.

If you are satisfied with our proposed decision or actions, we will close your complaint and record the findings for our continuous improvement program.

However, if you are not satisfied with our proposed decision or actions, we will record this, and provide you with information on how to escalate your complaint, to the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA), for external review under their AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS).

ATAS is an industry accreditation scheme that sets the benchmark of quality for the travel industry. ATAS is also responsible for monitoring our compliance with the ATAS Code of Conduct (the Code) and assisting in the resolution of complaints.

The Code sets the standards of good practice that ATAS participants must follow when dealing with their customers. As an ATAS participant we have agreed to be bound by the Code. If you would like to know more about the Code you can visit the ATAS website

12. AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS)

Should you wish to speak to ATAS about your complaint you can contact them in the following ways:

• By completing a feedback form on their website

• By telephoning them on 9287 9900

• By writing to them at level 3, 309 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

13. Your rights under Australian Consumer Law

You reserve the right to refer your complaint to your relevant federal, state or territory consumer protection agency at any time.